After the Hard Rain

Sungai Meriam means Meriam River in Bahasa known as a name for small district at the north of Samarinda. Spot and located near Mahakam river bank.


Path Seekers

This picture was taken during my vacation on Bromo, central Java last March. After few trip session at the peak, we’re heading to a place called Penanjakan. And here we are, riding a horse, seeking and try recognize our path in a heavy misty morning.

Speed & Splash

Samarinda Mahakam Festival, well known as a major annual tourism event to this year. Featuring traditional culinary exhibition, carnival, water sport competitions, etc. A lot tourism attraction will be spotted along Mahakam riverside downtown Samarinda this 1st and 2nd November 2014.


the Dusk is coming. Bow your head to the ground my friend, to where Sun’s down, where the Kiblah is. Sink you heart to thedeepest thought, in to the place there were no one’s could reach. Heart, the real Kiblah is.